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any thoughts: positive, negative, indifferent to the rise of "Trap" in EDM

I think someone asked me this a few months ago and I’m not ashamed to admit that my answer might be a bit different this time around. Things move fast in dance music and although I’m still conflicted about “Trap” as a genre, it’s not for the same reasons. Whereas I previously thought the movement was a bit boring because it was just a less-funky rehash of the kind of beat I was sick of in Hip-Hop, I have to admit that producers like Baauer, Flosstradamus and (most importantly) a whole bunch of Soundcloud unknowns are doing really interesting things with the riddim. While at worse we’re talking generic post-Moombaton floor filler, I’ve heard (and played!) a lot of interesting tunes that have come out of the movement. In a way, it kind of resembles the U.S’ Hardcore moment: a ton of generic but mental tunes by white producers interacting with Urban music on its own terms. If anything, it’s a lot better than the previous ironic rap Mad Decent’s been trucking in.

That said, dear God is it overplayed right now. It’s as if every God-damned Brostep DJ in town decided to jump ship at the same time and if I hear Harlem Shake or the Mercy Remix again I’m going to punch someone. Worse, these DJs have no knowledge of Hip-Hop and generally play a the most funkless, soulless tunes. There’s something depressing about dudes just switching genres like that, I integrate tunes I like into my set (shit goes down WELL with Grime) but I’d never play a whole set of the stuff.

So there’s good and bad. If anything, it’s got the blue collar kids and the hipster kids in town dancing to the same tunes (but not at the same parties, natch) so it’s kind of a unifying moment for dance music around here and after a few years of genreless amorphism, that’s got to be a good thing.

  1. devxnalphaa said: I agree with that shit yo, but although it’s kinda overplayed already, you can here a lot of dope shit in the new trap movement if you listen in detail. You can tell who really puts the extra effort rather than being a part of the movement. Fuck cops
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